Here is a list of clubs and associations that I trained at and been inspired on my Aikido journey. I still have regular contact with many of these clubs and instructors:

– Organisations:

• United Kingdom Aikido

• Korea Aikido Federation

• Brookwood Aikido-kai

• Aikido Federation


Influential instructors:

• Keith Hayward  7th dan and Shihan (UKA)

• Yoon Ik-am (Korea Aikido Federation)

• Rupert Atkinson

• Sue Smith, 4th dan & Andrew Humphreys, 5th dan (Airenjuku)

• Terry Ezra- 7th dan and shihan (Komyokan)

• Steve Beecham (Birankai)

• Ray Panter (Lone Pine-ryu)

• Adrian Tyndale (Tomiki Aikido, South-East London)

• Kanetsuka-sensei, 7th dan and shihan (British Aikido Federation)

• Kevin Harris (Kitsune dojo)


– Japan (note: Some websites in Japanese)

• Roland Thompson (Ropponggi Aikido)

• Yamashima-sensei, 7th dan and shihan

• Takita-sensei, 7th dan and shihan

• Kobayashi-sensei, 7th dan andshihan

• Kanaya-sensei

• Suguwara-sensei 7th dan andshihan

• Igarashi-sensei, 6th dan andshihan

• Isabashi-sensei

• Hokkushin Ittoryu


– Singapore

• Khong-sensei

• Awyong-sensei

• Philip Lee-sensei

• Mumei Shudan

• Harry Ng


– Sweden (in Swedish)

• Urban-shihan


– UKA clubs





– Other sources of information on Aikido

• Aikido Journal

• Aikiweb

• (and of course YouTube)

– Outside Aikido

• Licoe Training