More Aikido on TV

Aikido has recently been seen lurking in The Walking Dead. It is prominent in season 6 episode 4 with the episode focusing on a survivor who tries to follow a non-violent path. There are several scenes where he is shown practising … Continued

Aikido in Man in the High Castle

A new Alternate-Future Sci-Fi series Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime features one of the main characters practising Aikido: Clip can be watched here: Irimi-nage, Kyokyo-nage and kote-gaeshi are featured. Enjoy!

Club T-Shirt and Hoodie

Design of the T-Shirt and Hoodie is complete and they look very nice:   The T-Shirt is available in black and white and the hoodie is available in grey or navy blue.The lettering is in either print or embroidery. Please … Continued