This clip was taken in Korea in 2009. Instructor Urban demonstrates various techniques (including Ikkyo, Kokyo-nage, and Kokyo-ho). The focus was on the importance of posture and how being soft actually improves the impact of the techniques. Instructor Urban also contrasted how techniques used to be executed when he was in Japan in the 1970s with how they are executed nowadays.

This clip was taken during two seminars in Korea in 2007/8. Master instructor (shihan) Yamashima and Instructor Isabashi demonstrate the techniques. The focus of these seminars was on taking and controlling an attacker’s balance:


These clips were recorded at Lone Pine-Ryu during November 2009

Kote-kaseshi flowing into irimi-nage:

Ushiro kokyo koshi-nage:

Tsuki kaiten-nage:

Tsuki kokyo-nage (ura):