Keith Hayward’s 50 years in Aikido surprise seminar

The club was invited to participate in Keith Hayward’s 50 years in Aikido seminar.

It was a surprise because by all accounts, Keith did not know that a seminar had been organised. He thought he was gong to a grad daughter’s birthday party and the first he knew about it was seeing the mats laid out and a sports hall full of Aikdoka!

Groups had come up from the Isle of Wight as well as Leeds.

In addition to Keith, instruction was provided by Frank Burlington (a very amusing session on jo work), Mark Pickering (from Birankai and long-term Aikido friend), Ian Grubb (nice session of Suwari-waza) and Mike Maginer.

Two students from the club  joined me and a good day was had by all. I certainly felt stretched and knew that I had been to seminar!!!


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