New photos on the website

I have added a selection of photos from the Isle of Wight course in May 2018.   This is what a 3rd dan exam looks like!

New Facebook Page

The club now has a Facebook page!   Please come and follow us!

Waka sensei seminar October 2018

Wake-sensei (the grandson of the founder of Aikido)  instructed at a seminar in Manchester in one of his rare visits to the UK. As well as his uchideshi, he was accompanied by 8 university students. 4 members of the club … Continued

Autumn Course

Keighley Aikido will be holding its Autumn Course on 10th November from 5pm at the Keighley venue.   The instructors will be Billy McAuley, 5th dan and Andrew Pratt, 3rd dan   Billy is a long time friend of the … Continued

New venue for Keighley sessions

The club is delighted to be moving to a new venue from March. The new venue has proper thick mats and great facilities.   2nd Floor, Springfield Mill, Oakworth Road, Keighley BD21 1SL   Please press the buzzer for AVMA … Continued

More Aikido on TV

Aikido has recently been seen lurking in The Walking Dead. It is prominent in season 6 episode 4 with the episode focusing on a survivor who tries to follow a non-violent path. There are several scenes where he is shown practising … Continued

Aikido in Man in the High Castle

A new Alternate-Future Sci-Fi series Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime features one of the main characters practising Aikido: Clip can be watched here: Irimi-nage, Kyokyo-nage and kote-gaeshi are featured. Enjoy!

Club T-Shirt and Hoodie

Design of the T-Shirt and Hoodie is complete and they look very nice:   The T-Shirt is available in black and white and the hoodie is available in grey or navy blue.The lettering is in either print or embroidery. Please … Continued