The following pictures are the various instructors I have been fortunate to have learned from. The European instructors are mainly British instructors and the club regularly attends seminars hosted by these instructors or they give seminars in Keighley. The Japanese instructors I trained with either in the UK or Korea and sometimes Japan. I am eternally greatful to Youn Ick-ahm for his continuous and strenuous efforts to identify exceptional Japanese instructors and inviting them to teach in Korea. Many of these instructors visited Korea annually but I have included only one representative picture of each.


Typical Class

The slideshow below has photos taken during a typical class. Various techniques can be seen though most pictures are of a technique called Kokyo-nage. As can be seen, taking the attacker’s balance is key and once achieved there are various finishes (techniques) that can be used to control the attacker. In addition to the techniques the pictures also illustrate some of the entries, or beginning of techniques, that are required to make the technique work successfully.


Instructor: Andrew Pratt, 3rd Dan,

Students: Magdalena Maciejewska, 1st Dan and  Dennis Ewert, 1st Kyu, age: 63, Chris Dowthwaite, and Steve Pick;es

Photographer: Tony Pratt


Isle of Wight Seminar 2018

Keith Hayward taught at the Isle of Wight in May 2018. As part of the course was a dan grading. I graded for 3rd dan. I also ended up one of the sessions. These photos give a flavour of the instruction, the grading, and my session on weapons.




Photographer: Nathan Jenkins


Spring Seminar 2019

Keith Hayward gave and excellent seminar. There were 15 students practising with a good mixture of ages and abilities. Three students graded.





November 2011 – Seminar at Asoryu Aikido Club

In November 2011 I participated in a seminar hosted by a local club. I expected to spend a hard day’s training on the mat. Not only was this expectation fulfilled but halfway through the afternoon, I was invited to instruct for 30 minutes. I was humbled and surprised that they had seen something in my aikido that would benefit their students. I was also impressed that there was an openness to seeing maybe a different interpretation of Aikido and that there was no aikido association politics. I was then faced with the issue of thinking of something to teach. As so often happens, fortunately, the current session instructor provided a clue. Nonetheless, it was still daunting to step in front of experienced Aikido students and try and communicate the points I wanted to highlight. I hope that my instruction made some sort of sense and that, maybe, I will be given another opportunity to espouse some of my ideas about Aikido.

Photos by Mr. Lisik & Cherie Pratt (aged 9)


October 2008 – Kobayashi-shihan summer camp, Iwai Bay, Japan

Every year, Kobayashi-shihan holds a summer camp and students of affiliated clubs are encouraged to attend. In 2008, I joined a party from the Korea Aikido Federation and travelled to Iwai Bay in Japan to participate in the summer camp. The camp consists of one main hall plus to sub-halls. The main hall was split in to 3 mats – allowing a maximum of 5 instructors to teach at the same time. Several hundred students participated including some from the UK and Poland.  The camp comprised 2 days hard training in the blistering summer heat – including an obligatory evening meal and 6am jog. The camp was well organised and ran smoothly. The Korean party, although almost no one spoke Japanese, managed to get to the camp even though it was their first time participating and we had some great adventures along the way. The following are a few photos that give a flavour of the camp – note that I was used as the uke by almost all of the instructors I practised under.

Photos by Mr. Byongjin Moon



The following pictures are some of the students who have entrusted their learning of Aikido to me. It has been a pleasure to teach them and a joy to see their development in Aikido. I am still in contact with the majority of them and am regularly updated on their progress in Aikido and life in general.



The Lighter Side of Practise

Here is a selection of pictures from the lighter side of Aikido. There is more to life than just the practise of Aikido and below are a selection of pictures taken after practise when the hair is seriously let down!