Self Defence is not just the ability to win a fight. It is much more than this. The best self defence technique is one that results in physical fight being averted. If that means hand money to a robber then so be it. Money is not worth a life.

With this in mind, training covers both the physical aspects of controlling, in a non-violent manner, an attacker, and how to approach a threatening situation to try and avoid descending in to conflict. This can cover aspects such as body positioning, voice, and being aware of location and the number of attackers and their position.

Although boxers batter each other to a pulp over a number of rounds, and grapplers will strangle each other, neither of these strategies are practical in the real world where attackers are liable to sue defenders. Therefore, my approach to self-defence focuses on an initial defensive technique to negate an aggressive attack which renders the attacker in a controlled position and allows the defender to quickly leave the scene or continue to control the attacker until the authorities arrive.