Waka sensei seminar October 2018

Wake-sensei (the grandson of the founder of Aikido)  instructed at a seminar in Manchester in one of his rare visits to the UK. As well as his uchideshi, he was accompanied by 8 university students.

4 members of the club attended the seminar as well as several hundred aikidoka from around the UK and overseas. It was great to meet so many friends on the mat and re-establish contact with some very old friends from when I trained in London. The seminar was well attended on both days.

Wake-sensei again unusually took time to explain techniques and technical points in his instruction (in contrast to normal Japanese instruction). This really benefitted understanding of the technique execution, movement, and understanding why he was selecting particular techniques.

The key techniques taught were Ikkyo, nikyo, sankyo, irimi-nage, kokyo-nage, shio-nage, and Kote-gaeshi.

Several club members were fortunate to be chosen by waka-sensei as he went round the mat demonstrating the techniques.

The university students were a joy to practise with and their rolls were outstanding – they ceaselessly managed to get themselves into positions so they could do very soft gentle rolls. Very intimidating and inspiring!

Everyone was tired and well worked-out at the end of the seminar and were left with muck to think about and reflect on how to improve their techniques.



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